A Can of Worms or F*ed, Art World Style

can of worms

Kenny Schachter’s more than a little fed up by the Guardian’s take on the art market using Andrea Fraser’s over-wrought artist’s statement.  

The wear-it-on-it’s sleeve lefty Guardian weighs in on the Banksy that was unceremoniously removed from a Florida auction last week, despite the fact there was never really a cloud over title. It was seemingly just a case of bad PR for the property company that nicked the mural from its very own wall (thereby depriving the community of their graffiti). But surprise, surprise, Jason Farago of the Guardian fulfills his self-fulfilling prophesy by unleashing a wholesale indictment on the art market. Spare me.

At least when Andrea Fraser got f*ed by the art world, she got $20k for her efforts and a notorious work of “art” to boot—put that in your pipe and…try and resell it.

"According to the artist Andrea Fraser, whose trenchant performances often directly interrogate the social and economic principles of the art world, the lack of oversight and transparency actually form part of art’s appeal to the super-rich: ‘At the very top of the art market pyramid, the absence of regulation is widely seen as allowing practices in which a few very highly capitalized participants are more or less guaranteeing each other extraordinary rates of return. Powerful dealers are bidding on their own artists’ work to keep prices rising, and there are even a few instances of artists doing this themselves. The anonymity guaranteed by auction houses makes it almost impossible to know how much collusion there is.’ All of this has a direct effect on artists, and on the art they make. ‘The vast majority of artists are struggling, underpaid, underemployed, and under-recognized,’ Fraser said. ‘Like the majority of workers in other fields, they feel like victims of a system over which they have no control.’ Her students at UCLA, where she teaches an undergraduate course on the social and economic aspects of art, ‘find it pretty devastating’."

A Can of Worms (Art MArket Monitor)

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