Ouch!! Relegation to the 'Courtier' class

What’s really eating Dave Hickey?


He rages against being a mere courtier advising the palace billionaires in the new art world.  The circling firing squad of former insiders and elites of the game now has money, fame, and fluff in the bulls-eye.  According to Dave Hickey, "They're in the hedge fund business, so they drop their windfall profits into art. It's just not serious," he told the Observer.

"Art editors and critics – people like me – have become a courtier class. All we do is wander around the palace and advise very rich people.  It's not worth my time."  And Hickey has company.. BBC's arts editor Will Gompertz states, "Money and celebrity has cast a shadow over the art world which is prohibiting ideas and debate from coming to the fore," adding that the current system of collectors, galleries, museums and art dealers colluding to maintain the value and status of artists quashed open debate on art.  "I hope this is the start of something that breaks the system. At the moment it feels like the Paris salon of the 19th century, where bureaucrats and conservatives combined to stifle the field of work. It was the Impressionists who forced a new system, led by the artists themselves. It created modern art and a whole new way of looking at things”.  Read More by Edward Helmore and Paul Gallagher in the guardian

Doyen of American critics turns his back on the 'nasty, stupid' world of modern art

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