Bringing back substance to the contemporary art market?

felix simon

Dave Hickey, a curator, professor is walking away from an art world he describes as calcified, self-reverential and a hostage to rich collectors who have no respect for what they are doing.  “People who are sick of playing bit parts in a game which has become entirely about money and ego, with the beauty and power of art having become just another commodity to be bought and sold”.   Art critic Jerry Saltz is has also had it. “I still can’t stand it. How a handful of very very rich people with penises likes buying the work of a handful of artists with penises for very very high prices in public, in front of other people with penises and some very tall thin blond people with great shoes and no penises. Really.”

Charlie Finch, believes he ‘smells the irrelevance of a world which has become irredeemably decadent in all the worst meanings of the word.’  “It’s almost impossible to underestimate the obliviousness of the art-collecting elite, who are of course constantly surrounded by precisely the kind of courtiers — consultants, gallerists, even artists — who constantly tell them how perspicacious and important they are.  Look no further than former commodity broker Jeff Koons, whose Tulips just sold for $33,682,500 at Christie’s: the last time I saw him he was in Davos, palling around with a Ukrainian oligarch, and generally solidifying his reputation among the people who really matter. Insofar, of course, that the people who really matter are the people you want to continue to funnel millions of dollars in your direction.”

Do you agree?

Felix Salmon’s Occupy Art

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