Decrying the 'corrupt' contemporary art scene - Reality or Hypocrisy?


Is the Contemporary Art World as corrupt as described by some former cheerleaders?  Or is it simply hypocrisy arising from the changing of a guards? Forget about talent they say.  It is now believed to be all fluff and market fixing.  

Described as the ‘doyenne of art-market reporters’, Sarah Thornton is sick of it.. and she is walking away from it.No one can doubt the influence of oligarchs, or the over exposure to artists who attain high prices, that the coverage is invariably about paintings by white American men, much more than is warranted, that current art market enables manipulators to publicize artists whose prices they spike at auction, or the implication that money is the most important thing in the art market today.  But has this not characterized the art scene since the beginning of time?  And were many of these individuals not the beneficiaries of that which they now decry? What do you think?  Do you agree with Ms. Thorton’s position? 

Sarah Thornton’s top ten reasons for leaving the contemporary art market

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