Going South: Corey's Soul Chicken in Milan

CoreyMcCathernEalyMaysArtworks presents the narratives of Paris-based expatriate artist Ealy Mays along with forceful reminders of literary and artistic contribution of African American expatriates in Paris, other parts of Europe, and around the world (where noted).  In doing, we also take the time to note the contribution of others to the cultural expansion and legacies of African Americans abroad, which heralds a landmark, a first, or a fresh new idea.

When Warrant Officer LEROY HAYNES took up to study on the GI bill in France, no one could have imagined the history in the making.  Haynes who once described himself as “Kentucky-born, Chicago-bred and Parisian by choice”, opened a restaurant with a modestly priced menu offering good old-fashioned southern cooking and aptly southern folksy names such as “Ma Sutton’s Southern fried chicken”, “Uncle Jason’s barbecued pigs’ feet”, “Sister Lena’s barbecued spare ribs”, and “Kentucky oysters” (good ole chitterlings). 

He created an ambience that attracted a glitzy and eclectic following of internationally celebrated jazz musicians, actors, singers, and other performers.  Music and movie stars who became regular patrons include Ray Charles, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Peter O' Toole, Rod Steiger, Warren Beatty, Sidney Poitier, Marianne Faithfull, Black Panther Stokely Carmichael, writers Richard Wright, Chester Himes, and James Baldwin, and the painters of the era such as Herbert Gentry, Romare Bearden, Beauford Delaney, who all had a place hang out. 

cabcalloway So did visiting performers such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Sydney Bechet (godfather of Hayne’s son Richard), The Platters, and Lionel Hampton.  Haynes once recounted the story of Louis Armstrong, who during a concert, hurried up to finish his last song announcing to the public that a “warm plate of red beans and rice was waiting for him at Haynes”. 

To paraphrase Wallace Wattles, “new forms are constantly being made as old ones dissolve.  It is the nature of intelligence to enlarge itself and of consciousness to seek to extend its boundaries and find fuller expression.”  The history of Haynes in Paris has been written and an era passed.  Today, another Kentucky native is setting his own trend and making history in Europe, albeit a little further south of Paris. 

The city is Milan, Italy where COREY McCATHERN from the small town of Paducah Kentucky, has taken the art of cooking delicious Southern food from his grandmother in Kentucky to the shores of Italy, featuring his grandmother’s own special recipe for fried chicken and potato salad.  
Ealy Upstairs copyThe former model and opera singer is creating his own original form and substance in his adopted country, in tribute to his family and his roots in small town Paducah.  One of the nicest people you will ever meet, it was a privilege for us to be part of opening night in Milan in March.  

Should you visit Milan, you will find naturally raised steroid and hormone-free chicken on the menu and the artwork of Ealy Mays on the walls.  We encourage you to tell your friends about this, get the word out, and support this trend-setter whose original idea might one day surpass the Colonel's original recipe in Europe.

In the years ahead when the history of African-American expatriates in Italy is written, we hope that Corey’s Soul Chicken will have been a mainstay.     

Coreys Chicken

Corey’s Soul Chicken,  

Via Paolo Sarpi 53, Milan, Italy

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and at Twitter: @CoreySoulChickn

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