Will Lucian Freud ever find his Francis Bacon?

Freuds Bacon

From the looting by the Nazis to the latest spectacle in Rotterdam, stolen art and the thieves who steel them, the scourge of civility.   When a valuable painting is stolen it leaves scars that can linger for generations.

The financial loss is searing, but the theft of a painting also takes an emotional toll on the victims of plunder, holding them in its grip, creating obsessions. How else to explain the 70-year-pursuit of Ginette Heilbronn Moulin, the matriarch and chairwoman of the Galeries Lafayette department store chain in France? She, and now her grandson, are carrying on her family’s search for a Monet painting of the shimmering, blue Creuse River that vanished after a Gestapo raid of the family’s bank vault in 1941.  Stolen art by DOREEN CARVAJAL.


Where to Go to See Stolen Art - The Gallery of Lost Art (IHT Rendezvous)

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