Art13 London Sales Report

  • Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai/Singapore/Hong Kong sold a painting by Zhu Jinshi, entitled ‘Children’s Dreams’, 2012, for $150,000 USD
  • In Sook Kim’s ‘Saturday Night’, 2007, from Galerie Paris-Beijing, France/China/Belgium sold to a British collector on the first night for £70,000 GPB
  • PIFO Gallery, China sold two works by Liang Quan for £30,000 GBP to a British Collector in the first hour of the opening day. A work by Zhang Xuerui went to a French Collector for £10,000 GBP
  • Two works by Asad Faulwell, from Lawrie Shabibi UAE priced between £6,000 – 15,000, GBP, sold, one to a Middle Eastern Collector, and Shahpour Pouyan’s ‘Projectile 8’, 2012 sold to an American Collector for £15,000 GBP
  •  ‘Mass Writing’, 1958, a painting by Judit Reigl brought by Kalman Maklarky Fine Arts, Hungary sold for £200,000 GBP to a British Collector
  • Lazarides, UK sold a work by Banksy for £375,000 GBP to a British Collector. In addition, ‘Monarch’, 2012, by Antony Micallef went for £72,000 GBP to an American Collector; ‘L’Armour et La Violence’ by Conor Harrington sold for £60,000 GBP to an American Collector, and a video work by Doug Foster sold to a British Collector for £60,000 GBP.
  • Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin/Beijing sold an installation by artist Young-Jae Lee entitled ‘Earth, Ink and Fire’, 2011 for 50,000 Euros to an Italian Collector
  • A Stephan Balkenhol sculpture ‘Female Bust’, 2012, from Deweer Gallery, Belgium, sold for £28,000 GBP to an European Collector
  • Hakgojae Gallery, South Korea sold Lee Yongbaek’s work, ‘Angel-Soldier No.4’, for £22,750 GBP, and a Lee Seahyun work, ‘Between Red 174’ for £14,300 GBP
  • Ronchini Gallery, UK sold Gianpietro Carlesso’s ‘Curvatura Venti’, 2013 for £22,000 GBP and Alighiero Boetti’s ‘Tra l’incudine e il martello’, 1988, for £25,000 GBP, both to private collections

Sales of art from around the world at Art13 London (art market monitor)


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