Chronicles of The Black Jockeys Volume VI: Racial Hostilities in the North - When "LITTLE NIGGER" Was A Horse On The Track And The Black Jockey Spoke "MONKEY" Language

The Negro was then summoned, and Mr. Belmont, with awful majesty, raised his gavel and brought it down on top of his desk.  Bang! ‘What is your name?’  ‘John’ was the quavering answer.  Again the chairman’s gavel fell.  Bang! ‘Your last name?’  ‘Williams Sir.’  Bang! ‘Residence?’  The negro looked helplessly around.  ‘He means where do you live’ said Algernon Daingerfield.  ‘Ma home is whar my hat is’ grinned John Williams.  ‘Ah’m a flat-footed, no account loafer, an a crap-shootin son of a bitch.’  Under cover of the roar of laughter that wrecked the last semblance of dignity, Mr. Keene whispered to his nephew Daingerfield, ‘Buy me that nigger Algy, I like him.”... New York racing magnate Foxhall Keene

From 1889 through 1892, Goodwin’s Official Turf Guide, which was then the 'Bible' of racing Isaac Murphyrecords for prominent riders, listed at least fifteen black jockeys out of about fifty-six jockeys a year.  Author of The Great Black Jockeys, Edward Hotaling points out that since Goodwin did not list the race of the riders, it is almost certain that many more on the listings might have been black, since the official counts were only of those who were well known black riders.  By the mid decade between 1893 and 1898, the number of known African American riders continued to range at about a fourth or a fifth of the total.  In ten years, however, this percentage would dwindle significantly. In this segment, we will attempt to point to some of the reasons.

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