Chronicles of The Black Jockeys Volume VII: He Won Back-To-Back Derbies, Fled The Bolsheviks in Russia; Fled The Nazis in France; Only To Be Denied Entry in America - to the Louisville Derby Function Being Held In His Honor

With the opening of horseracing season with the running of the 139th running of the Kentucky
wink2Derby and the approach of Preakness and Belmont, we have presented a series of some six volumes in the history of the black jockeys, who were pioneers in American racing from the dawn of horseracing before the American Revolution, through the Civil War, and up to the eve of the 20th century, after which they essentially disappeared from the sport.  We have chronicled the achievements of the early slave jockeys such as Cornelius, Charles Stewart, Cato, Dick, Albert, Chisholm, Sewell, Simon, and Austin Curtis, and the latter celebrities of the late 1800s including Oliver Lewis, Isaac Lewis, William “Billie” Walker, Isaac Murphy, Erskine Henderson, Alonzo “Lonnie” Clayton, Shelby “Pike” Barnes, Babe Hurd, Monk Overton, Tommy Britton, Tiny Williams, George “Spider” Anderson, Willie Simms, James “Soup” Perkins, and Tony Hamilton

The last great African American jockey would not see the stardom of an Isaac Murphy here in America, as his American riding period was relatively short.  During his time in America, however, he made his mark by capturing back-to-back victory in the Kentucky Derby, matching one of Murphy's records, but this jockey would have the distinction of being the first and the last African American jockey to win a Kentucky Derby in the 20th century.  As the 20th century evolved without much presence of African Americans in the sport and with a seeming continual trend into 21st century, he remains the last African American winner of the most important horserace in the country.

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