Jay DeFeo: Retrospective at the Whitney


“Anything for Jay” is a phrase that Dana Miller, the curator of “Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective” at the Whitney Museum of American Art, heard time and again when asking for research help for the show. DeFeo, who died in 1989 at 60, was loved by people who knew her and esteemed by many who didn’t. And you understand why from this exhibition, which is as tenderly shaped and as visually stirring as a career survey could possibly be.

A lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, DeFeo is famous for a single work, a gargantuan painting — nearly 12 feet tall — called “The Rose,” which she labored on exhaustingly for eight years. The piece was, among many other things, a Sisyphean act of self-editing, a process carried out day after day, applying pigment, scraping it off, adding more, all the while carving into an ever-thickening surface to create the equivalent of sculptural relief. By 

Not Just ‘The Rose,’ but Also the Garden (NYT)

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