Paris Art: An American in Paris - Musical Chairs ©

Title: An American in Paris - Musical Chairs
Type: Oil on Canvas
Year Painted: 2010
Dimensions: L 37.75" (96cm) W 63.4 (161cm)
Price: $7500 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Reprisal of Gene Kelly theme - Varied characters whose descent on the Paris scene invariably involve jockeying for positions and often viewed with unease as an invasion by the French.  Beautiful view of city skyline through her window.  Erotically positioned black woman on her Louis xiv couch with her suitcase in tow.  She is immersed in the idea of being “An American in Paris” (Arrival of the beautiful black woman, from Josephine Baker to Eartha Kitt to Grace Jones, always an exotic event in the heydays of the 20th century).  As she dazzlingly takes center stage, an astronaut (could be Neil Armstrong’s landing) appears to assert his (white) dominance on the food chain of “Real Americans in Paris”.  Climbing the food chain in Paris is daunting.  Staying atop is near impossible.



Paris-based painter Ealy Mays present Paris stories and narratives in art, with cultural and socio-political images of current and historical life in the city of lights, including the history of African Americans in Paris, the Spirit of black Paris, the Paris Noir experience, from the viewpoint of the black expatriate in France

Ealy Mays

6 rue Christine 
75006 Paris

USA Contact: 
Paul Sinclair      

+ (1) 347 399 0860


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It is the spectator and not life, that really mirrors art”  The Picture of Dorian Gray …Oscar Wilde

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