Paris Art: Art Collectors I ©

Title: Art Collectors I
Year Painted: 2012
Type: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: L 24”(61 cm) W 20”(51 cm)
Price: $2,200 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Valuable artifacts and pieces of art in Paris often find their way into the garbage - discarded by those who cleaned out the studios of little known artists, relatives and strangers alike who purchase or assume occupancy of apartments on the death of elderly occupants.  The Spirit of Paris is such that numerous disheartened and struggling artists have also been known to discard their work in the Seine or on her banks, on receiving a poor review or unfavorable criticism - invariably picked up by men in green, moving around in green trucks.

Collector working the bank of the Seine.  He isolates a piece of valuable mosaic piece under his arm, while a painting and other artifacts lie waiting to be picked up among the discarded. He may recognize the valuable or may continue the chain and discard in the truck.



Paris-based painter Ealy Mays present Paris stories and narratives in art, with cultural and socio-political images of current and historical life in the city of lights

Ealy Mays

6 rue Christine 
75006 Paris

USA Contact: 
Paul Sinclair      

+ (1) 347 399 0860


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