Latino Art For Sale: The Mestizo Prince ©

Title: The Mestizo Prince
Type: Oil on Canvas
Year Painted: 2011
Dimensions: L 76.2” (193.5cm) W 51.25” (130.2cm)
Price: $20,000 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Oil painting sequel to the 1989 classic "Birth of the Mestizo Warrior".  Juxtaposed positions of many things, which have changed since his grandfather, The Mestizo Warrior, had his moment in the tattoo salon.

The Aztec gods (Tigre Warrior and Eagle Warrior) are embedded in the back.  He is more westernized but still carrying his Aztec calendar in the center of his body, which reflects his lineage and ancestral ruins.  Legend of the Tenochtitlan - where the Golden Eagle perched on a cactus meets the snake (Mexican Coat of Arms) on his upper right chest.  Prince now has telephone but his grandfather’s images of Hernán Cortés’s Conquest over Aztec ruler Moctezuma II and later over Aztec Emperor, Cuauhtemoc still reminds him of his people’s defeat by the Conquistadors and the leveling of Tenochtitlán, laying waste to the Aztec empire.


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