Portrait Art for Sale: Black Expatriates Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and Chester Himes, at Les Deux Magots © Ealymaysartworks.com

Title: Evenings with Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and Chester Himes at Les Deux Magots 
Year Painted: 2011
Type: Oil on Canvas coated in raisin
Dimension: L 15.75” (40cm) W 15.75” (40cm)
Price: $3,500 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Art tribute to the literary gatherings at Les Deux Magots.  Both a work and meeting place for existentialists Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir, and Les Temps Moderne troupe, Les Deux Magots at 170 Boulevard St Germain in Paris was the place where Richard Wright famously met James Baldwin on his arrival in Paris with the greeting, ”Hey Boy”. Along with the Café Flore next door, Les Deux Magots was the place where Wright, held court with Baldwin and others such as Chester Himes.  It was also Himes' point of reception by Wright, on his arrival in Paris in 1953.

On being overun by tourists at a certain point, the King of black Paris, Richard Wright, would later drift away from the busy Boulevard Saint-Germain circle to regroup with fellow black expatriates Himes, William Gardner Smith, Richard Gibson, and cartoonist Oliie Harrington at the Café de Tournon.



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