Title: Jungle Fever in Paris
Year Painted: 2006
Type: Mixed Media / Oil on Canvas 
Dimension: L 16.75”(42.5 cm) W 13.5 (34.3 cm)
Price: $3,500 - Also available in posters, prints, and memorabilia

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Narrative outsider art parodying the stereotypes of black women and defying the mammy stereotypes as undesirable, through the hot desires of Colonel Sanders for Aunt Jemima in Paris.  The two regale in their distinctly un-American experience – a stigma-free inter-racial affair in the Paris described by James Baldwin as “the city where everyone loses his head and his morals, lives through at least one histoire d’amour, ..thumbs his nose at the puritans – the city, in brief, where all become drunken on the fine old air of freedom”. 

The Paris parliament had validated interracial marriage as far back as May 1746 and even France’s “Code Noir” for New Orleans which barred Catholics from marrying non-Catholics, did not erect such barriers preventing whites from marrying blacks. 


Ealy Mays' online art gallery where historical and contemporary commentaries are transcribed through art narratives.   

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