Aunt Jemima Original Art - Five Star Paris Hotel ©

Title: Five Star Paris Hotel
Year Painted: 2006
Type: Mixed Media / Oil on Wood
Dimension: L 15.75”(40 cm) W 15.75 (40 cm)
Price: $3,500 - Also available in posters, prints, and memorabilia

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Parody artwork of the Five Star Paris Hotel, scene of Aunt Jemima and Colonel Sanders' interracial affair. Knowing that their inter-racial relationship would not be accepted in America, the painting depicts Colonel Sanders and Aunt Jemima's Paris hotel, where the tabooed duo becomes the exotic duo and indulges their passion, free of any concerns of social stigmatization or racial ostracism.  

In Paris, black history is not the same as in America and the stereotypes of the black woman means little in the context of a romance.


Ealy Mays' fine arts gallery online features art narratives parodying stereotypes and interracial taboos.

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